The Four Important Qualities In Motor Sports Boots

If you are involved in motor sports, the boots you wear are important. Not only do you want to wear something that is comfortable, they need to be suitable for where and how you ride, provide you with control over your body and the bike, and protect your feet, ankles and lower legs. To better understand what you should be looking for, here are the four qualities broken down.


Your boots should be comfortable enough to wear without feeling any pinching or rubbing. Of course, it may take a week or so to break them in, but after that, you should be able to wear them, and not notice, for whatever type or riding you plan on doing. When trying them on, make sure you are wearing the type of socks and pants you will normally have on while riding. Be sure to consider the weather as well. If you will be riding in an area with an extremely hot climate, go for an all-leather boot instead of one made from hard plastic--your feet will breathe better.


If you will be walking around in our boots as part of the trip, be sure to wear boots that allow some movement of your feet. When racing or riding motocross, you want something hard that will protect further up your leg. Make sure to consider how the boot closes too, laces can get wrapped around frame parts when riding hard and fast on a track or course, go with a zipper closure to avoid this.


Boots with a thick, non-skid sole are best for riding. Slick soles, like cowboy boots, can slip off the gear-shift pedal, or on the asphalt, keeping you from stopping completely. You want something thick to help absorb some of the weight of the bike when stopped. A thin, hard sole will keep the pressure on your feet, making them sore.


Above all else, you want your boots to protect your feet, ankles and lower legs as much as possible. Try twisting the sole area of the boot in our hands. Think of what it would feel like if your foot were in it and sliding down the tarmac under a 400 lb. bike. If the idea makes you cringe, go with a stronger boot. You also want a boot that will not disintegrate when drug across the asphalt at 30 miles per hour. Get steel toes and reinforced sides to make sure your feet aren't going to be mangled if you fall and slide down the road.

Do not skimp on your boots. It doesn't matter if you only ride to go to the office or are out getting crazy on a motocross course on the weekends. Uncomfortable, skimpy, stylish boots may look good when you first buy and wear them, but after a month or so, they aren't going to look so hot and your feet will beg for something better. If you are in the market for a great set of boots, shop at a reputable sporting goods store such as Bob's Cycle & Snowmobile Supply.