4 House Boat Maintenance Tips For Taking Your Vehicle Out Of Storage For Trips

As weather begins to get nicer, you are probably thinking about taking the house boat out of storage and taking it to the water. Wait! Before you can hit the water, there are some maintenance tasks that need to be done after tanking a house boat out of long term storage. You want to check all the mechanical systems, tires and electrical wiring, as well as do a little cleaning and adding some stock to the cabinets. Here are some maintenance tips to help with taking your house boat out of long-term storage and getting ready for your first trip to the lake this year:

1. Winter Weather Precautions and Preparing for Summer

Winter weather is something that can do a lot of damage to a boat the is out of the water and in storage. Any water that gets left in the boat may freeze and cause damage to plumbing and mechanical systems. Therefore, many people choose to use an antifreeze solution for potable water lines while their house boat is in storage. You will need to flush the plumbing system and clean the lines before they can be used again.

2. Sanitizing Water Lines for Potable Water Usage Before Trips

The water in the lines of your boat can also have bacteria and other organisms growing in them if it has been sitting for a long time. This is why you will want to sanitize the potable water system and filters before using the water on your house boat. Use proper portions of bleach and water and flush the lines to kill off any harmful bacteria or other things that grow in stagnate water.

3. Checking Oil and Mechanical Fluids Before Driving Your House Boat

Engine maintenance of boats is very important, and if you do not want to be stuck out in the middle of a lake or the ocean this summer, have all the fluids changed. Start with changing the oil of the engine, as well as coolant. In addition, if you have an AC system, have it checked for leaks and any repairs done to it before you hit the water.

4. Revising Life Vests and Maintenance to Prepare Your House Boat for Trips

One of the most important things that you need on a houseboat is life vests. You will want to revise your boat and make sure you have all the emergency and safety gear you need. If you have a larger house boat, you may also want to make sure that you have several life rafts that can be deployed in case of an emergency.

These are some maintenance tips to help with taking your boat out of long-term storage and getting it ready for your first trip. If you need help with maintenance or repairs, contact a boat engine service for help.